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Roof Pitch Calculator

In engineering, calculating the pitch of a roof is an important step in the design of a building or structure. The pitch of a roof is the angle between the roof surface and the horizontal plane, usually expressed in degrees or as a ratio of rise to run.

To calculate the pitch of a roof, you first need to measure the rise and run of the roof. The rise is the vertical distance from the top of the roof to the bottom of the roof, while the run is the horizontal distance from the edge of the roof to the center of the building.

Once you have these measurements, you can use the following formula to calculate the pitch:

Formula :

Pitch = arctan(rise / run)
Roof Pitch = (1 / Tangent (Rise / Run))*180/Pi

where "arctan" is the inverse tangent function, which is commonly available on scientific calculators and in mathematical software.

Alternatively, you can express the pitch as a ratio of rise to run, which is often used in construction and engineering. This ratio is usually expressed as a fraction, with the rise as the numerator and the run as the denominator. For example, a pitch of 6:12 means that for every 12 units of horizontal distance (run), the roof rises 6 units in height.

Overall, accurately calculating the pitch of a roof is crucial in ensuring that the building or structure is stable, safe, and functional.

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